Carolina Clay Guild Events
John Calver

Bottle by John CalverWe are very pleased to have hosted a John Calver demo-workshop at Rockingham Community College on June 28 and 29, 2003.

John Calver is a ceramic artist from England who is visiting the United States this summer.  His work and a short article about him can be found in the December 2000 issue of Ceramics Monthly, which also features John's work on the cover.

This information-packed workshop included: slides/plates thrown and marked with a spiral, impressed with fabric, marked with a profile to give an asymmetric or square form/flat bowls thrown and stretched into a flat oval/bottles thrown, chattered and inlaid with slip, brushed slip with hakeme patterns, brushed slip with sponge roller patterns/bowl thrown from an uncentered block of clay, with textured edges/decoration & glazing techniques.  This is just an excerpt of John's list of his 2-day demonstration workshop. 

Due to John Calver's trip to the US, this workshop was structured around his calendar and is therefore just 2 weeks before the third guild sponsored workshop for 2003.

Please click here to see photos taken at the workshop.

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