THE KIND OF POTS you'll WANT to use!
And here's another option!

The photo above was taken at the 2003 Kathy Triplett Carolina Clay Guild workshop. The member who chooses this design would, naturally, replace it with his or her own photo. 

You'll notice that this page might be useful for someone who needs a bit more room for text and only wants to use a small photo at the top. This page design would work for potters with AND without another website to link to.

As with all the pages, it's fine for the potter to choose the colors to be used, and it's also useful to point out the same design could be used with a single color background! Black, for example, would look very nice, still using the photo at the top corner of the page.

Finally we have enough space filled, so you can get a good idea of how this page might look with your own work on it. And that's sample 3!

Contact information could go here.