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Another photo from the John Calver workshop sponsored by the Carolina Clay Guild in 2003.If you were a Clay Guild Potter and you wanted to share photos of your work with the world, you might request a page that looks something like this.

This fourth example is is the most simple, and will easily present a crisp example image of your work, while allowing you plenty of room to share with your viewers whatever background or philosophy you'd like to make available.

As with the other sample pages, the only available variations are fonts and colors. The layout itself won't vary.  Also, as with the other designs, the photo on this page will be changed, soon, to reflect the work of one of the Guild potters. The current photo was taken at the 2003 John Calver workshop sponsored by the Carolina Clay Guild.

Since this layout allows the text to wrap around the photo, I'm going to type a paragraph here that serves no other purpose than to take up space. The potter who chooses this design will likely have a longer bio or artist statement so as to allow the text to flow. This should be enough...

And that's Sample 4.

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