For the fifth sample, I've elected to show two images within the same page; in this layout, the text wraps around the photos, in a manner similar to example 4. The photos you see here were taken at Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC when some of the Clay Guild members participated in a show during the July 2003 events there. Although all of the examples Photo taken at Grovewood Gallery show with Clay Guild these five web pages have images of either potters working or booths, naturally it would be a wonderful addition to simply include professional images of single pots. Members selecting this design should also note that a small photo in lieu of these larger sized images would look particularly nice in this page, as well.  

As in all the other options, you'll have the opportunity to choose your background and font colors, if you prefer an alternative to the ones on this page, and also your header's text.Photo taken at Grovewood Gallery show with Clay Guild participants. It hasn't been mentioned in the body of other sample pages, but (again with the intention of stretching out the narrative to make the text wrap nicely,) if you have a logo, that can be incorporated into your header, or you can request that a simple header be created for you, using the words you select.

In this design it's particularly important that the text be long enough to fill up the space, otherwise the photos should simply be placed in a different format. Typing another paragraph or two will again serve to fill up space. The member who chooses to use this layout will be invited to share lots of may have an artist's statement or have a nice story about how you became involved in working with clay. There are, as always, many options, in spite of the simplicity of the page's design. More typing to make the text continue on down the page. And a little more!

One more paragraph should fill up the space nicely so that it will be presented in the best light.

Contact information could go here.